Can I manage a domain that’s in someone else’s Godaddy account?

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This GoDaddy help article, Access another person’s account as a delegate,┬áprovides a guide on accessing and managing products in someone else’s GoDaddy account once you’ve been granted delegate access.

The process involves going to your GoDaddy Delegate Access page and selecting ‘Access Now’ next to the account you want to use in the ‘Accounts I can access’ section. The My Products page for that account will open. When you’re done working on the account, you must either close the browser window or select ‘Exit access’.

The page also includes a ‘Related step’ that links to an article about which products support delegate access and ‘More info’ that links to articles about requesting access to another person’s GoDaddy account.

In addition, there are links to related articles about delegate access, how to invite a delegate to access your GoDaddy account, how to gain access to domains/accounts as a minor, and how to accept an invitation to access another person’s GoDaddy account.