Hide Featured Image in Single Post


Are you looking to hide a featured image in a single post on WordPress?

There are several ways to hide a featured image in a WordPress single post. Here are a few methods:

  1. Using a Plugin: One of the easiest ways is using a plugin like ‘Conditionally Display Featured Image’. This plugin allows you to control where your featured images are displayed. As of this post, it does get updated.

  3. Through Theme Options: Some WordPress themes come with an option to hide the featured image. You can go to the settings section of your theme and hide images from a specific page.

  5. Editing the Post: In the ‘Posts’ section, click ‘All Posts’ and select the post where you want to remove the featured image. There should be an option to ‘Remove Featured Image’.

  7. Using CSS: You could write a CSS rule to hide all featured images from your posts. However, this method requires some knowledge of CSS and how WordPress works.
    I used this to show the feature image on the blog’s main page but not in the single post itself. Mind you, I only tested with DIVI. I always recommend using a child theme when adding/editing CSS so your CSS doesn’t get wiped out when you update your theme. Remember to back up your site or use a staging environment before making any major changes, especially if you decide to use CSS.
    Add the following code in your style.css
    .single .et_post_meta_wrapper:nth-child(1) img {display: none !important;}