Blacklisted WordPress Plugins


This article Blocklisted Plugins, provides information about certain WordPress plugins blocklisted by GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress service. This means these plugins cannot be installed, and if detected on your account, they will be removed. Blocklisted and Blacklisted mean the same thing.

The article explains that some plugins are blocklisted due to security vulnerabilities, performance issues, or duplicate functionality already provided by their Managed WordPress service. It also mentions that some plugins may be blocklisted because of their impact on database load or because they don’t work correctly with their system.

You can view a list of recently blocklisted plugins and get advice on alternative plugins or services that can be used instead. For instance, instead of using backup plugins, it recommends using sFTP access and a database backup plugin like WP-DB-Backup or WP-DBManager, as their Managed WordPress service already provides 30 days’ worth of backups.