Add location in Google Ads headlines or description


Customize Your Ads with Location Insertion for Responsive Search Ads

Reach your customers on a local level with location insertion. This feature allows you to tailor your ad text to match the locations that matter most to your audience. Location insertion lets you create headlines like “Las Vegas Hotels” or “San Francisco Hotels” based on the users location

Discover the Benefits
Localized Messaging: Your ads will be automatically adapted based on your audience’s physical location or area of interest.
Efficiency: Say goodbye to managing countless rows of data. Customize your ads by city, state, or country, all in one place.

How It Works
Let’s say you offer a delivery service that covers the entire Bay Area. Instead of creating a separate headline for each city, use a location insertion code to target the San Francisco Bay Area in your ad headline.

Example Code: We deliver to {LOCATION(City)}

Remember to use proper capitalization when inserting the code into your ad headline. You can select one location for your headline and up to two for your descriptions. Include at least three headlines without location insertion or use default text to ensure flexibility. Choose between setting up locations for city, state, or country.

For more information, refer to the Google Ads Help article About location insertion for responsive search ads.